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Coworking Space Klagenfurt

Looking for an office? Or are you fed up with your lonely home office? Do you fancy a diverse & creative community? Accompanied by a lot of fun? If so, come by the Rettungsboot for a visit!

About us

The Rettungsboot is a coworking space in the heart of Klagenfurt on Lake Wörth. You can find us at Kardinalplatz 1, access is through the inner courtyard, directly above the Cafe Tabasco. Our cozy premises accommodate eight people. Just like most freelancers, we used to work from home, alone. The Rettungsboot came to be out of our need for more community. Together, we boldly set out to new shores!

What’s important to us

We consist of independent contractors from various industries. We practise an open and appreciative exchange of ideas and opinions. We all profit from a diversity of viewpoints. We help eachother, yet we remain independent and have lots of fun. Together we use the infrastructure, for which we highly regard regionality and genuineness.

“Instead of working alone at home in Carinthia for a Viennese employer, I preferred to share an office space with others. I particularly liked the start of the day together with coffee, the nice seatmates and the exchange during lunch and ice cream afterwards.” – Marion Fercher
“The exchange between coworkers makes the Rettungsboot a space for new ideas.” – Peter Grassberger
“In the Rettungsboot there are a lot of nice coworkers with whom you can enjoy interesting conversations. The location in the center of Klagenfurt is great, and the old masonry makes for a creative, relaxed atmosphere.” – Igor Reitmair


There’s still space in the Rettungsboot – be it by the day, several times a month or long-term as a crew member. We’re looking foward to you!


Long-term workstation
for the whole month

  • Access around the clock, 24/7
  • WiFi
  • Network printer
  • 500 GB storage on the local Rettungsboot server
  • Only 200 € per month during the first three months

250 €
per month


Flexible workstation
for 10 work days a month

  • Access around the clock, 24/7 for 10 work days a month
  • WiFi
  • Network printer

150 €
per month


Flexible workstation
for one day

  • Access monday to friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM
  • WiFi
  • Network printer

15 €
per day

Our crew

The Rettungsboot crew consists of people from various industries and sets great value on exchange of ideas and thinking out of the box.


Andrea Kall

Rettungsboot skipper


Stefan Grassberger

Illustrator and animator



Martin Gratzer

Full-Stack Mobile Software Developer



Stefan Kienzl

Android developer




Coworking Klagenfurt

Kardinalplatz 1/9
9020 Klagenfurt



Usually on workdays there’s always someone there for you. To be sure of it, give us a call.

Andrea Kall
+43 676 324 27 95

Stefan Grassberger
+43 660 645 43 80